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2017 Harvest News - no 2017 oil available

We made very little oil this year, and any oil we have available has already been sold to our regular customers. We're really sorry!

A long hot summer (the hottest and driest since records began) dried the small delicate flowers at the crucial pollination phase, and many trees produced no fruit at all. It’s the same for everyone in Italy, and many other parts of Europe. It’s very dispiriting for us. This is the third year in the last 4 where we’ve had a poor (or non-existent) crop. But we haven’t sat back. We used the opportunity to do some extra work on the trees, and we’ll be working hard over the winter too, all with the aim of having a bumper crop next year. My fingers are crossed.

Let's hope 2018 is a better year.


Our oil is 100% organic. We don't do anything to our trees except prune them and pick them. The olives are hand-picked and pressed at a local frantoio certified to handle organic produce, and the oil temperature never gets above 24°C (hence the 'cold-pressed' part, though this is now a little-used term). The oil is then slowly gravity-filtered to remove any water and surplus organic material which helps give the oil a longer life. Then we bottle it. That's all.

If you want to order then we need a delivery address and a cell number for the courier, and all orders are usually acknowledged and shipped within 24 hours, so you should get your oil delivered to your door within a week.

I'm afraid we cannot consider volume purchases from restaurants and delicatessens. All our oil is needed by our regular customers worldwide.

Some of our olive oil tins from our Chianti Villa

Frequently asked questions about buying our olive oil

Q: Shipping looks expensive! Wouldn't it be better to buy my oil from a local deli?

A: If you find a good oil from a local deli then great, but check the prices first. In almost every case, it's cheaper to buy a 5L tin from us, shipped to your door, than to buy an expensive oil with dubious provenance from a deli. Don't think of buying from a supermarket if you want real oil.

Q: Is there any way to reduce my shipping cost?

A: Yes. Club together with friends and family, and buy your oil together. Buying your oil this way can reduce shipping costs by more than 50%.

Q: How long does oil last?

A: If you look after it, then it can last a long time. Keep the oil in its tin, and in cool conditions, and it can last over 3 years. It will start to lose favour and colour after 2 years, but it's still good for cooking and bread-making. Freeze your oil in small batches and it'll last forever!



Buy with a friend, and save a tonne on shipping

For anything more than a one-tin order, please email me using the "Contact us" form and I'll provide you with a detailed quote. Shipping costs come down dramatically after your first tin, so the more you buy, so it is worth getting together with friends and family to spread the shipping costs. It might only cost another €5 to ship an additional 5L tin!

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