Tuscan food at our Villa in Tuscany

Many of our guests agree that our Tuscan Banquet night is one of their favourite nights of their entire holiday. Good company, good wine, and most important of all, good food. We have been cooking for our guests for nearly 30 years, and we'd like to think that we know a thing or two about Tuscan cuisine. We have a fabulous kitchen and a lovely sunken dining room with a fantastic terracotta-arched ceiling. We serve a wide variety of typical Tuscan (and other Italian) home-cooked food, sometimes with a slight modern twist. You won't see the same dishes you'll see in every restaurant in Tuscany. We want to show you a different side to Tuscan cooking, and many guests are nice enough to say the food they have at Patrignone is the best food of their entire holiday...though they may just be being nice!

Where possible we use home-grown or locally sourced organic produce of the highest quality, and we hope our passion for food is apparent in all of our cooking. With little notice, we can cater for any special dietary requirements and accommodate any special requests including amazing locally made birthday cakes! We sometimes serve part or all of your meal out on the Terracotta Terrace, depending on the time of year.

A typical Tuscan Banquet

We usually serve 2 or 3 different antipasti, a primo, a secondo, and one or two dolci, along with copious amounts of organic Chianti Classico. The menu changes completely every week, but here's an example...

Toasted Finocchiona all'aceto balsamico - a very local salami flavoured with fennel, served on fresh-from-the-oven home-made gnioccho (a local flat-bread)

Crostini con pere, gorgonzola e miele - a great antipasto with pears, gorgonzola and honey

Fichi con pecorino fresco - a yummy salad made from our own figs and local pecorino cheese


Pasta alla Senese -  A fantastically popular pasta dish made with fresh tagliatelle, and a creamy sauce made from salciccia (Italian sausage), walnuts, brandy and parmigiana

Tagliatelle al limone - home-made pasta with a creamy sauce made from fresh lemons


Roasted loin of pork with a wild thyme, wild fennel, local wild-boar salciccia and pancetta stuffing in a red wine sauce, served with grilled marinaded zucchini and rosemary roasted potatoes

Roasted guinea-foul, rabbit, and wild-boar salciccia, with rosemary roasted potatoes, home-grown green beans with honey, and fresh salad from the garden


Chocolate & Almonde Torta, or Rosemary & Honey Cake

We usually cook once each week, depending on the time of year and demand. Eating at Patrignone is a great way to relax and enjoy a lovely meal and a glass of Chianti (or three) without having to go out in the car.

Prices and booking

Barring special menus and occasions, our Tuscan Banquet costs €45/head, which includes plenty of organic Chianti Classico. Meals should be booked in advance (latest the day before) but if you forget, just ask and we will accommodate you if we can. We will always have a vegetarian option available, and please let us know if you have any specific dietary demands. Under 12's eat for ½ price. Under 3's eat as much as they like free of charge.

Please note that as much as we love cooking, we do need minimum numbers to make meals economically feasible. Please don’t be too disappointed if we can’t cook for you when things are quiet here. The Tuscan Banquet is usually held on a Wednesday or a Thursday, though not always, so if you're really keen to join us, but aren't sure you'll be here on one of those nights, then let us know before you book so that we can try and jiggle things around.

Tuscan cookery classes at Patrignone

Would you like to learn a few simple Tuscan dishes that you could prepare at home? Or are you already a competent cook, and you'd like to enrich your repertoire with some more complex Italian techniques? While Italian food is blessed with a variety and subtlety of flavours, it is also a very practical kind of cooking, with its root in simple rural living. So many Tuscan dishes can be prepared with a minimum of fuss and with spectacular results, but there are plenty more complicated recipes for those who prefer more of a challenge. So whatever you skill level and ambitions, we can put a suitable class together for you.

All classes run for around a ½-day. We need a minimum of 4 people (maximum 10) and we will usually run the class during the afternoon. You get plenty of practical hands-on experience, and you and your friends get to eat the fruits of your labour. Those who don't want to cook can join in with the final dinner for an additional €30/head including wine.

Typically you'll prepare 1 or 2 antipasti, learn how to make some typical Italian fresh breads, make fresh pasta from scratch, prepare a secondo (usually a meat dish, but not always) along with a couple of vegetable dishes, make a dolce, and make your own fresh cantuccini 'biscotti'. But none of this is set in stone, so if you're prefer to make a fresh lasagne, or wild-boar ragu, just let us know. 

Courses will be tailored to suit you and your group, and usually cost around €130 per person, for a group of 4, including all ingredients (and wine). If you're interested, let us know. We'll send you some sample menus and more detailed price list, and create the perfect class for you and your group.


The Tuscan Banquet evening was fantastic, the food and the people and the surroundings. We genuinely had the best time!

Karen & Ali - UK 2014

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