Chinese food in Tuscany? You’ve got to be kidding. Right?

The owners of I Fiori Di Hong Kong San Casciano near
The owners of I Fiori Di Hong Kong San Casciano

Only, I’m not kidding. Yes, we all know Italian cuisine is the best in the World, and that Tuscan food is amazing, but when you live here, and you’ve come from the UK where we’re used to a million different kinds of world-food delivered to your door in seconds, sometimes we hanker for something foreign.

So we’ve tried the local Indian restaurants (not bad, but not great), and the local Chinese (a bit like British Chinese food from the 1970s) and not been impressed. There is a decent sushi bar in Poggibonsi, but that’s about it.

That is, until we found I Fiori Di Hong Kong (‘the flowers of HK’) in San Casciano. It’s a small restaurant, so it’s worth booking. The food is just brilliant. Freshly made steamed dumplings, hand-made Spring Rolls, duck roasted for 3 hours, amazing vegetables. No MSG, no weird fluorescent food colouring, just fresh, amazing food, and great Chinese beer to go with it (or local wine if you prefer). The owners are incredibly friendly and chatty, and if you let them, they’ll just bring you dish after dish of the most amazing stuff you’ve ever tasted.

Before this, I didn’t even like Chinese food! Too sweet, too gloopy, too samey. This so far away from your typical Chinese food experience, you could be in China itself. I overheard one diner say this was the best Chinese food they had ever had outside of China, and she had spend quite a lot of time there.

To say I have no vested interest in this restaurant doing well would be a lie. I really want this restaurant to continue to do well (it always seems full) so that I can have amazing Chinese food whenever I want it.

Steamed dumplings of I Fiori Di Hong Kong San Casciano
Made fresh at I Fiori Di Hong Kong San Casciano

So please share this post to anyone going anywhere near Tuscany. I guarantee they won’t regret it.

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