Workshops in Chianti & Tuscan retreats

Podere Patrignone is the perfect place for your workshop or retreat. You can book the whole of Podere Patrignone and use the facilities, spaces and accommodations in several different configurations tailored to suit your requirements and the needs of your paying guests.

We have plenty of experience in helping you to plan your week, including:

  • itinerary planning and scheduling, including helping you to identify locations that best fit with your course material
  • planning all meals, both catered by us on-site, and helping you find the perfect restaurants for you and your guests
  • helping to organise suitable transport
  • helping if you need any specialist a/v eqipment for meetings, presnetations, etc


Whatever you need, we can help you to plan and organise it quickly and efficiently. We use in-house designed project and budget management tools so you know where you stand every step of the way.

If you'd like to know more about how we can help you plan your next group, training course, or workshop in Tuscany, please get in touch.

Budgeting for your group, course or workshop in Tuscany

If you are looking for a simple way to calculate a possible budget for your Tuscan workshop, then try looking at it this way:

  • Assume a daily cost of €1.6k for your accommodation (€1.9k in peak season), or weekly cost of €9.5k (€11.5k peak season).
  • If you are planning on having meals at Patrignone, per diem rates are:
€15 breakfast
€25-€30 lunch
€45 4-course dinner including wine
€5 for coffee/tea breaks
  • for days when you are planning on having meetings and workshops on-site, then budget on an additional €200/half-day room rental

But please treat this as an aide/guide; we are completely flexible and can help you plan exactly the kind of week you are looking for, depending on your budget and time constraints.



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