The last wine fair, in a magical town…

Montefioralle near Agriturismo Podere Patrignone where you can rent a vacation villa

The grapes are in, and the season of chianti wine festivals comes to a close with the smallest event in the calendar, the Montefioralle Divino.

First, a bit about Montefioralle, a charming little town in the hills just to the west of Greve in Chianti. It’s a little off the beaten path, so it’s not really on the major tourist trail. Not yet, anyway. It’s a perfectly preserved medieval town dating back to the 11th century, with the old town walls and fortifications still in evidence. It’s tiny, but sports a few shops, a bar, and a couple of decent restaurants. La Castellana is pretty good, with nice outdoor seating and decent food.

Montefioralle not too far from Agriturismo Podere Patrignone
Lovely walkway under the town houses

But just have a wander around, and you’ll be so glad you stopped here. It really is very beautiful.

As for the wine fair, it’s usually the 3rd weekend in September. There were just 10 exhibitors this year, but honestly, that’s plenty. Each has at least three wines to try, so even if you take one sip and pour away the rest, you’ll still get through quite a bit of wine. The quality od the wines is really excellent, and very different to the Chianti’s around Castellina in Chianti near our agriturismo and holiday rental villas, possibly because of differences in the soil. A glass sets you back €10, and you can try as many as you like, as often as you like.

Montefioralle Divino 2016 near our vacation rentals Podere Patrignone
One of the 10 excellent local producers

And in a setting as beautiful as this, why not?

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