Ordering a good coffee in Italy is easy…and tricky

coffee at the bar on your vacation in Tuscany
How to order coffee in Italy

If, like me, you love Italian espresso coffee, then ordering a coffee couldn’t be easier. “Un caffè, per favore?” Job done.

But if you’re from the other side of the Big Pond, and you’re expecting your usual pint of black, coffee-flavoured water, hotter than the surface of the sun, then you might start to get a little edgy when you see the tiny little cup placed in front of you.

In fact, if you’re from the N.American subcontinent, and you’re after a ‘long black’ or a ‘skinny latte’, then this article is of no use to you whatsoever. Sorry.


What you’ll need to know is, if you want a long black, ask for an Americano, and if you want a latte, ask for an ‘Americano con latte, per favore’.

Oh, and another thing: don’t be surprised if you get a horrified look when you ask for a cappuccino at lunch-time or at 5 in the evening. The cappuccino is strictly a breakfast coffee, and some places will flat refuse to make you one after 10am!

Sounds weird, but what can I tell you? Italians love coffee and they have very strict rules about these things. So, if you want a pint of brown, flavoured boiling water, you could always bring some instant coffee to Italy with you? There’s a good reason Starbucks haven’t made it to Italy yet. They won’t last 5 minutes!

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