Our Tuscany villa rental prices

Tuscany apartment rental prices for 2020 and 2021*

Spring and Autumn
(Apr, May, Oct)
     Summer Season 
     (June - Sept)
€ Euros  daily rate weekly rate*   daily rate weekly rate*
Il Forno2 135 810   160 960
La Tinaia2 150 915   185 1110
Il Caminetto4 220 1320   265 1590
Le Stalle ‡5 215 1290   260 1560
La Terrazza ‡
6 215 1290   260 1560
B&B double bedroom2 125 750   150 900

Cost per night/week of rooms and apartments at Podere Patrignone. All prices subject to change without notice. E&OE. 

Villa Patrignone, your large Tuscan villa, rental prices for 2020 and 2021*

Spring and Autumn
(Apr, May, Oct)
     Summer Season 
     (June - Sept)
€ Euros  daily rate weekly rate   daily rate weekly rate
Villa Patrignone 
4 bedrooms only


456 2730   550 3300
Per extra 
room (max 7 rooms)
2 65 390  


Villa Patrignone 
all 7 bedrooms 






The whole Podere Patrignone Estate (9 - 15 double bedrooms), rental prices for 2020 and 2021*

You can rent the whole of Podere Patrignone for your Tuscan wedding, workshop in Tuscany, family reunion, or gathering of friends.

 Spring and Autumn
(Apr, May, Oct)
     Summer Season 
     (June - Sept)
€ Euros sleeps daily rate weekly rate sleeps  daily rate weekly rate
minimum occupancy

18 in

9 bedrooms



24 in
12 bedrooms 



Per extra 





all 15 bedrooms  33 max



33 max



The max 15 bedroom price above is based on 30 adults and children. 

*Book now for 2021 and you'll only pay 2020 prices

Anyone who books now for next year can lock their prices at this year's rate, before any annual price rises. Over 1/3 of all Podere Patrignone bookings are made at least 12 months in advance.


Get a detailed quote for your holiday, right now:


Nothing extra to pay - guaranteed

Most hotels and rentals will charge you an additional Tourist Tax on departure. In cash! And what's with the "final clean" cost that most holiday rentals charge? Not us. All your Tourist Taxes are already included in your price, and there are no extra charges for a "final clean" or other such nonsense. You pay one price, that's it, with no sneaky extras. (See point 12 and the list of optional extras below.)

All payments are usually made in Euros, but you can get an approximate idea of the prices in US dollars and GB sterling here:


We're running a number of special offers and discounts, any of which could disappear at any moment. So book now and take advantage of these offers before they disappear forever. For example:

Low Spring and Autumn prices = great value

Many people believe Tuscany is at its very best in the Spring and Autumn...cooler weather, fewer tourists, kids at school. Add to this that our off-season prices are now lower than ever, and maybe you should start thinking about booking that trip?

We pay your Tourist Tax

Those pesky Italian bureaucrats have come up with yet another pay to make everyone's lives more complicated. Everyone else will add this to your bill before you leave, but we think that's unfair, so we'll take care of everything. We now pay all your Tourist Tax so you don't have to worry about finding extra cash at the end of your holiday. This saves you €10.50 per person for a 1-week stay, €42 for a group of 4.

Stay 6 nights, and the 7th is FREE

You could spend 3 weeks in Tuscany and barely scratch the surface. Longer stays reduce our cleaning and laundry so helping us minimise the impact on our environment (as we use less water, electricity, and cleaning products). So to encourage you to have a more relaxed approach to Tuscany and to help us stay 'green', we will give you one free night for every 6 you spend with us. More accurately, you'll receive a 14% discount off the day-rate for any stay in the same room or apartment of 7 nights. (The discount is already included in the weekly rate above - see note 1 below.)

Need a 1-bedroom apartment but they are full?

Then drop us a line. We're usually happy to let you have a 2-bedroom apartment with a hefty discount (15%) as long as you promise to use only one bedroom and one bathroom to keep our cleaning down.

Start your holiday when you like

All apartments are now available on start-dates to suit you (and your flights). There's no need to book Saturday-to-Saturday if it doesn't fit your schedule. (See note 5 below)

Want to stay less than a week? Fine by us.

Unlike most agriturismi in Chianti, we won't force you to stay a whole week. Want a shorter stay as part of your big tour? Well, that's OK with us. There is a minimum stay in all the apartments and in the Villa, but if that doesn't fit your plans, let us know - we'll be flexible if we can. Our minimum stay periods help us to reduce our impact on the environment so expect to be charged a small additional 'green cleaning tax' if you want to stay for less than the minimum. (see note 3 below)

BUT...if you are filling a small but (for you) perfectly sized gap in our calendar, we'll be happy to fit you in if we can and skip the 'green cleaning tax', OK?

 If you don't use it, you don't pay

Both Stalle and Terrazza have the option of sleeping more than the usual 4 people, and we used to charge more for these apartments accordingly. However, we found that very few people need the extra beds, and yet still paid the premium for this facility. So we've changed this. Now, if you need the extra beds in Stalle or Terrazza you pay us an extra €20-€30/night. But if you don't need it, you don't pay. Seems fairer to us.

Book your villa rental in Tuscany in 60 seconds

If you'd like to book with us here at Podere Patrignone, use this availability widget to find your ideal time, add your details, and press "Book it" and you're done. In 1 minute you could have your holiday accommodation all booked!

Are there any extra charges?

No, not really. Your rental fee even includes your Tourist Tax, which most places charge you in cash on departure. But there are things you might want or need while you are here, and these are charged as follows:

In Euros, paid locally

price more info
Dinner in the restaurant €45 /head €20 for kids 12 and under
Breakfast €10 /head only available at certain times in the year
Laundry €8 /load, sun-dried and folded €2 per item ironed. See Note 7 below
Extra change of towels €10 /room one change per 7 nights is included
Extra change of bed linen €15 /room one change per 7 nights is included
Extra camp bed €30 /night for small children only, not always available
Firewood €5 /day in Forno

€10/day elsewhere

Central heating
(April & Oct)
€5 /day
€10 /day
€20 /day
B&B room
Stalle, Terrazza, Forno
Villa Patrignone & Caminetto

Here's the detail

  1. Apartment & B&B prices - Bookings for 1 week or more in the same room or apartment attract a 14% discount from the price calculated using the day-rates. So if you book 6 nights, you're 7th is free, approximately. The weekly rates quoted above include this discount. In our calculations, we round prices to the nearest €5 so these discounts and ratios may not be 100% precise.
  2. Villa Patrignone prices start for 4 bedrooms only. Each additional bedroom you need is charged extra, so you only pay for what you need. If you use a room that is supposed to be empty in any way, it'll need cleaning again, so expect to be charged for it. Any rooms you don't need will remain empty. We will not sublet them to anyone else. The Villa is yours, and yours alone.
  3. The minimum stay at Podere Patrignone is 3 nights in the B&B, 4 nights in Tinaia & Forno, and 5 nights in the 2-bed apts and Villa Patrignone. A 'green cleaning tax' supplement may be charged for stays less than the minimum. This is €45 for a 1-bed apt and €65 for a 2-bed apt and €100 for the Villa. In busy periods we reserve the right to increase the minimum stay to a maximum of 7 nights. A shorter booking may leave us with 2 or 3 nights which we will not be able to fill, so if you can be flexible, please help us out as much as you can. Thank you.
  4. ? Both Stalle and Terrazza have the option of sleeping more than the usual 4 people. If you need the extra bed in Stalle for a young person, or either of the two extra spaces in La Terrazza, you pay us an extra €20/night per bed for a child, €30/night for a grown-up.
  5. You can start your holiday with us whenever you like: none of that Saturday-to-Saturday nonsense here. But there are a couple of things you should know. For example, if your start date leaves us with an ugly hole in our booking calendar that's too small to fill, we'll usually suggest alternative start dates, especially in the summer when we can't afford to have too many empty nights. Oh, and during the summer, the Villa can only usually be booked Saturday-to-Saturday (sorry!), but let us know what you need and if we can help, we will.
  6. Linens and towels are included, 1 set per week. A daily cleaning service is available at extra cost (€15/hour for up to 3 hours, depending on staff availability). If you plan to spend a lot of time by the pool, please bring a beach towel.
  7. A laundry service is available on request at €8/load sun-dried, €10/load tumble-dried. Check with us when you arrive to make sure we can fit you in. We have a huge amount of laundry to do here, and usually have room for more, but we do occasionally have minor problems that get us backed-up.
  8. For large groups, weddings, celebrations etc, a returnable security deposit may be payable 30 days before arrival. See Booking for more information.
  9. Christmas, New Year and Easter are priced at Summer Rates, if we are open.
  10. If you need a cot for a baby, just ask. We have several. No charge. In most cases, we cannot put an extra bed in rooms and apartments. Most rooms have lovely old furniture that is simply too heavy or too delicate to move. In the rare cases where we can sneak in an extra camp bed for a child, there is a supplementary charge of €30 per night.
  11. A charge will be made for any additional heating required, though this is usually unnecessary for 6 months of the year. Charges are:

    -  B&B room €5 | Forno/Stalle/Terrazza €10 | Caminetto €20 | Villa €25

    -  Wood for fires: Forno €5/day, others €10/day

  12. We clean all the apartments and Villa thoroughly in between stays. It is our responsibility to provide you with beautiful, clean and tidy accommodation. However, a 'final cleaning charge' of €70/apartment, €150/Villa will be charged if the property is not left tidy, with all kitchen and dining-ware thoroughly cleaned and put away, and all rubbish disposed of at local recycling points.
  13. All prices subject to availability and confirmation. All prices are based on Euro prices. All payments and instalments not made in Euros may be liable to exchange rate fluctuations. E&OE.
  14. If you find a mistake, or are unsure about anything at all, please ask.

Pricing in £ Sterling (approx) 1.16 €:£

 Spring and Autumn
(Apr, May, Oct)
     Summer Season 
     (June - September)
€ Euros daily rate weekly rate*   daily rate weekly rate*
Il Forno 115





La Tinaia






Il Caminetto 190





Le Stalle ‡ 185





La Terrazza ‡ 185





Villa Patrignone
min price





B&B double bedroom 105





Cost per night/week of rooms and apartments at Podere Patrignone. All prices subject to change without notice. E&OE. 

Pricing in US $ (approx) 1.10 $:€

 Spring and Autumn
(Apr, May, Oct)
     Summer Season 
     (June - September)
€ Euros daily rate weekly rate*   daily rate weekly rate*
Il Forno






La Tinaia






Il Caminetto






Le Stalle ‡






La Terrazza ‡






Villa Patrignone
min price






B&B double bedroom






Cost per night/week of rooms and apartments at Podere Patrignone. All prices subject to change without notice. E&OE. 

Book 6 nights at our Tuscany Villa with pool and the 7th is FREE. Longer stays get bigger discounts. AND...we pay your Tourist Tax.

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