Tuscany for the fidgetty traveler

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For those of you who find it hard to sit still on vacation, Tuscany is the perfect stomping ground for you. If you are wanting to indulge in a little walking, running or cycling to help combat those extra calories consumed, this area has a challenging and spectacular landscape. Chianti and Tuscany are criss-crossed by tracks that run through the forests (originally for connecting properties), strade bianche (white roads) as well as winding, hilly smooth tarmac roads for those road cyclists among you. The Giro d’Italia passed right through the middle of Chianti last year and although the route they took has it’s challenges, the views are unrivaled.

For the trekkers among you, we have several circular routes radiating out from Patrignone, including a tranquil and beautiful walk taking you around the ruin of medieval Castello di Ceperello. There is enough of the structure remaining for you to get the scale of the property and perhaps imagine what it must have been like for the 3000+ residents living there a millennia ago. Alternatively, we can hook you up with a local hiking company who can guide you and offer refreshments and tours of local wineries.

Trail runners have a variety of tracks to choose from, most of them keeping you cool in shady woods where the deer will dance across your path. These same paths make excellent trails for mountain bikers. For either mountain bikes or road bikes, we can put you in touch with a couple of excellent local hire companies that have a great selection to choose from and will deliver and collect for you, as well as giving you further information on local trails.

Whether you are super fit and want to keep your regular routine going whilst on vacation, or if you want to make the most of your leisure time to enjoy a hobby, old or new, then drop us a line (enquiries@patrignone.com) and we will happily recommend you.

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