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If you are hoping to have a destination wedding in Tuscany, then you might want to consider a Tuscan wedding at Podere Patrignone. Patrignone weddings are relaxed and friendly, with plenty of excellent food and amazing wine served under the stars, followed by dancing by torch-light, maybe even some fireworks…who knows? It really is up to you, and your imagination.

But if you have your heart set on a large, formal, choreographed event, the Patrignone is probably not for you; there are many impressive venues in Tuscany so much more glam than our humble 14th-century farmhouse.

We host two weddings every year, and although they are a lot of work for us, they are fantastic fun and we love doing them.


The ideal Podere Patrignone Tuscan Wedding is between 15 and 50 people. We can sleep between 30 and 33 in the Villa and 5 apartments, 15 double bedrooms in total, each with a private en-suite bathroom. There are other agriturismi and B&B's nearby for more guests if you need it. There is also a minimum number of rooms you can hire: 12 rooms in the Spring and Autumn, 15 rooms during summer months. There is a minimum rental period of 6 nights for Patrignone weddings. This can be flexible depending on the time of year, but it is better to think longer rather than shorter; it will give you and your guests more time to have fun together and be touched by the magic of the setting. In our experience, a week is perfect. Wedding weeks should be planned on a Saturday-Saturday basis.


We are in a beautiful rural location with stunning panoramic views in every direction, an amazing backdrop for your amazing Wedding Day (and not bad for your photos either). We usually do all the catering ourselves from the highest quality homegrown produce and locally-sourced ingredients. The Wedding Banquet includes 10 courses of traditional Tuscan cuisine starting at around €100/head, served on our Terracotta Terrazza with its amazing sunset views. If the weather is poor, we can use our 17th-century indoor restaurant in the Old Frantoio, but this has happened once in 20 years.


You pay us for your accommodation rental costs, the wedding banquet, and a one-off hosting fee of €7000 which covers the months of wedding planning required, plus the extra work needed to get the estate looking perfect for The Big Day. You can have a Civil Ceremony nearby (Siena is a beautiful spot) - the paperwork is not especially difficult - or you can have a symbolic ceremony on the estate.


If you'd like a complete wedding package, where everything is organised for you, you won't need an expensive wedding planner to make that happen. We will do it all for you. Need flowers? Send us some photos of what you'd like, and we'll have them delivered the morning of your wedding. Need a hairdresser (or two) to do your hair? We've got that covered too. Want us to find you an amazing photographer. We know several. We manage everything down to the last detail, and keep you up-to-date with weekly video progress meetings, and cloud-based to-do lists and budget spreadsheets. We promise no surprises. And best of all? All this is included in your Hosting Fee.


You should start the process at least three months in advance, but 6 months or more is better! Your biggest issue is finding a suitable venue and accommodation, and our weddings are often booked a year or more in advance. You can't start the process too soon if you have your heart set on a particular venue. Don't over-invite in the hope that some will say no. You are planning a wedding in a beautiful, sunny place, steeped in history, culture and awash with great wine and food. Would you say no? Thinking of a May or September wedding? That's OK, but you should know that Tuscany summer weather doesn't usually settle properly until mind-June. If it has to be May, make sure you book at the end of May; for September, 1st week in September. We will always have a Plan B ready, in case a storm hits, but if you want 95% guaranteed warm weather, choose a week between mid-June and the end of August.


The paperwork for a civil wedding takes at least 6 months, to be safe. Much of the work will need to be done by you in your own country, but it's not too hard. You two will need to be in Tuscany a couple of days in advance to sort out your Italian paper-work, but apart from that, additional trips here are not absolutely necessary. For most of the Tuscan weddings we host, the Bride and Groom have never been to Patrignone before. We can help you organise the paperwork, book the ceremony, and do the job of the Official Translator of the ceremony on the day. The fee for this help will vary depending on how much you need, but budget on around €1500 + expenses for the basics (paper-work, booking the ceremony, translation). If you want to get married in the Siena Registry office (in the Palazzo Publico on the Piazza del Campo, a really stunning and dramatic venue) or in the medieval castle in Castellina in Chianti (closer, and also very cool), we can book either for you and liaise with the local Comune (town council).


If you have any questions, or would like more information, we are always happy to help.

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