Where do Tuscans go for pizza?

Simple trestle tables, plastic chairs, wooden benches, A proper wood-fired oven. Pizza night at our vacation ville rental near Castellina in Chianti, www.patrignone.com
Simple trestle tables, plastic chairs, wooden benches. Simple, but perfect.

Italians love pizza. It’s no cliche. They really do. But during the summer, you won’t find them in the touristy restaurants, waiting for a stressed waiter. No way.

A proper wood-fired oven. Pizza near our agriturismo near Castellina in Chianti, www.patrignone.com
A proper wood-fired oven. It’s not real pizza without one

You’ll find the locals in places like this. This is the San Donato Footballers’ restaurant. That’s not it’s official name. I’m not sure it even has an official name. But it’s run by the local football club during summer months to help raise funds for the local team. It’s staffed totally by volunteers, who work there every night, every year. Honestly. For free. (They get pizza and beer, that’s it.)

It’s a simple marquee, a few plastic tables and chairs al fresco, and that’s it. You order your pizza and beers (or wine), they bring your pizza and beers (or wine) and you eat your pizza and drink your beer (or wine).

The pizzaiolo making pizza near our holiday villas near Castellina in Chianti, www.patrignone.com
The pizzaiolo, working in the heat of the fire all night. A hero by any other name.

The locals flock to this place like moths to a flame. Why? Because the pizza’s are amongst the best you’ll taste in the area. Enormous, but super-thin and crunchy, so you can eat a whole one easily.  And they’re great value. The whole night will set you back €10/person, or less. Beat that!

We tell our guests about this place, but to be honest, we don’t want it overrun by tourists. So don’t expect me to draw you a map. If you come and stay with us, I’ll tell you. Otherwise, you’re on your own. 😉




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