A very particular wedding in Tuscany

As we have a large wedding party arriving today, maybe this is a good time to talk a bit about the Tuscan weddings we occasionally host here at Podere Patrignone. Twice each year (and no more, see below) Podere Patrignone plays host … Read More

Frittura, our guests' favourite seaside dish, www.patrignone.com

A day on a Tuscan beach. Sun, sand, sea…and great food.

Obviously, we don’t get a lot of time off during the summer. Our holiday villa rental business keeps us pretty busy, and then there’s the olives, the garden…we’re pretty much on our toes the whole time. But if we can … Read More

Great quality fruit and vegetables, most grown locally in Castellina in Chianti, near our agriturismo in Chianti, Podere Patrignone www.patrignone.com

Want the best fruit & veg at the best prices? Head to a market in Tuscany.

There are dozens of produce markets in Tuscany every day of the week. No matter where you are staying, there will be a daily market somewhere near you. And while the quality of the fruit and vegetables sold in the … Read More

Crostini with mascarpone, fresh herbs, and sun-dried tomatos at our Chianti Villa Rental in Tuscany

Our Tuscan Banquet. Not your usual Tuscan fare.

Once a week we cook for our guests. It’s a fun, informal dinner, with lots of chat, lots of wine, and lots of laughter. Everyone staying in one of our Tuscan villa rentals is invited, and we usually put everyone together … Read More

Where do Tuscans go for pizza?

Italians love pizza. It’s no cliche. They really do. But during the summer, you won’t find them in the touristy restaurants, waiting for a stressed waiter. No way. You’ll find the locals in places like this. This is the San Donato … Read More

Certaldo, atmospheric medieval town of Certaldo Alto, near our vacation villa in Chianti, Podere Patrignone www.patrignone.com

Certaldo – a classy medieval town with beautiful atmosphere

Now, our agriturismo is in the very centre of the Chianti Classico wine region, and with so many beautiful towns to see near us, sometimes it’s hard not to feel a little disloyal to suggest places to see outside the area. … Read More

Another great local Tuscan restaurant – La Torre, Castellina in Chianti

So, with a lot of family staying with us this last week, we’ve been eating out more than usual. And La Torre is another excellent local family-run restaurant where we know we’ll get excellent food at very decent prices. Any restaurant … Read More

An excellent restaurant near our agriturismo in Chianti

Le Panzanelle, near Radda in Chianti

This is one of our regular haunts. The food is very homely, well cooked, extremely tasty. No bizzarre food sculptures, plate-art, or flashy presentation. Just very good food, and at a decent price. The servings are generous, so sharing is … Read More

A romantic escape in Tuscany

Il Forno: a cute little 1-bedroom studio apartment in Tuscany outdoor patio The next instalment in our tour of Agriturismo Podere Patrignone, your holiday home in Chianti Il Forno is a small, but thoughtfully laid-out 1-bedroom apartment. Although it’s our … Read More

Mercantia – an enchanted experience in a medieval setting

We’ve been to Mercantia before, but never with young kids. So we were a little worried about the crowds. But we needn’t have stressed. They absolutely loved it, and it wasn’t as crazy as we had feared. We went on … Read More